The Top 5 Farm Implements List for Homesteading

Make the Most of Your Small Farm Tractor with These 5 Pieces of Common Farm Equipment

The Top 5 Farm Implements List for Homesteading
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes One of, if not the most useful thing any farmer or homesteader owns, is a tractor. Speaking from someone who has always owned a tractor of some kind, I can attest to the fact that a properly equipped tractor can turn a three-day, back-breaking job into a simple three-hour affair. From setting homestead fencing to leveling the driveway, tractors can make many otherwise difficult jobs a real cinch, especially if you have the right 3-point attachments. If I could only own five rear-mount implements, these would make my farm implements list. #5 – Rototiller From modest gardens to significant-sized plots, a PTO-powered rototiller should be added to your farm implements list. It beats any walk behind by a mile. Be sure to size the rototiller to your tractor since an implement that is too large or small either in width or weight will fail to perform on
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  1. Thumbs up for the unexpected Gravely mention. The fact you replaced a Gravely with a bushhog speaks volumes for the robustness of the Gravely!

    Very enjoyable read and you did an excellent job of supporting your choices.

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