Stamping/Embossing: A New Way With Soap Designs

Try New Soap-Making Ideas with Stamping and Embossing!

Stamping/Embossing: A New Way With Soap Designs
Add to Favorites Soap designs can elevate the sophistication and beauty of even the simplest soap recipe. Imagine a classical, ivory-colored olive oil castile soap with a lace pattern, delicately stamped with gold mica or pink kaolin clay for contrast. Easy to achieve, these methods for soap designs can increase the appeal to your customers as well as making a more beautiful gift for friends and family. With a little forward preparation, these soap making ideas can create soap designs that are subtle or dramatic. To try the techniques in my video, you will need a silicone fondant lace mat, a sheet of regular bubble wrap, a resin stamp, rubbing alcohol, and colorants such as micas, clays, oxides or ultramarines. If using oxides or ultramarines, you will also need a small amount of plain kaolin clay. One of my favorite soap making ideas is to use a template cut from

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