Handling Lye for Soap and Other Safety Precautions

A Little Safe Handling Can Avoid Lye Dangers in Soapmaking

Handling Lye for Soap and Other Safety Precautions
Add to Favorites It is critical to follow a few simple safety precautions when using lye for soap. Proper ventilation, along with gloves and eye protection, will help to prevent any kitchen mishaps from turning into injuries. People all over the world have been making soap for centuries. This included knowing how to make Castile soap, originally made from pure olive oil. The origins of Castile soap go back to ancient Aleppo, where soaps have been made from olive oil and laurel oil for millennia. Today, soap makers have the benefits of modern chemical factories, which produce lye for soap at a constant alkalinity level, allowing the maker to create soaps precisely as strong or mild as needed. Can soap be made without lye? Not really. Soap is comprised of fatty acids plus sodium hydroxide. More basically, soap is oil plus lye. It is impossible to make soap from scratch

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