How to Make Body Butter, an Easy Recipe

An Easy Whipped Shea Body Butter Recipe That Isn't Greasy

How to Make Body Butter, an Easy Recipe
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Learn how to make body butter by following an easy whipped shea body butter recipe. Extra dry skin is not exclusive to the winter months. In the warmer time of year, we are faced with hands chapped from gardening, heels cracking as we go barefoot, and other skin maladies. A luxurious remedy is easier than you may think with this recipe for some whipped body butter. A few simple ingredients, a little time in the kitchen (no cooking required!), and you will have healing moisture for yourself and possibly a few friends. How to Make Body Butter: Ingredients needed are some of the same ones used for how to make soap with coconut oil and how to make shea butter soap: Four 4 ounce jars 12 ounces shea butter 4 ounces coconut oil 5 ml fragrance or essential oil 1 ounce arrowroot powder

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