Fragrance Sensitivity and Allergies

Should You Use Cheap Essential Oils for Fragrance Sensitivities?

Fragrance Sensitivity and Allergies
Add to Favorites Fragrance sensitivity and allergies are becoming increasingly common in our society. Unfortunately, artificial fragrances are added to almost every skincare, bath, beauty, and even cleaning product on the market. There are several reasons behind the scent overload of our culture. While it may take a little extra care, there are ways to circumnavigate the waters when attempting to avoid these synthetic fragrances. Those with fragrance sensitivity or allergies may not always readily tell you that they are sensitive to a fragrance you are wearing or using in your home. Why, you may ask? One reason is that they may have been ridiculed or not believed previously about the allergy. It is not one for which you can take an antihistamine to treat, and not all people understand that. Another reason for not verbalizing their discomfort is the fact that they know how hard it is to avoid

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