When Limping is Not a Sign of Sheep Foot Rot

What I Learned About a Sheep Illness Known as False Foot Rot

When Limping is Not a Sign of Sheep Foot Rot
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Laurie Ball-Gisch – Don’t you just love how sheep keep teaching us what we never knew we needed to know? The past lambing season was one in which I got an advanced education in “Sheep Feet 101.” Thankfully (and knock on wood) we have not had sheep foot rot on the farm. For that, I am extremely grateful. And even though this article is about limping sheep, I am not going to discuss sheep foot rot, foot scald, white line disease or sheep bloat. Those are sheep illnesses you can easily read about in any books that cover basic sheep information. Here I want to share foot problems that you don’t find easily in the standard shepherd manuals. Wounds Last spring I discovered a two-week-old ram lamb limping, holding a front foot up in the air and walking on the remaining three

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