Stocking Your Food Pantry with Emergency Essentials

What Food Should Make Your Survival Items List?

Stocking Your Food Pantry with Emergency Essentials
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Nancy Farris – When planning your emergency food pantry, you should first ask yourself two questions: If an emergency occurs, what are the things I will most likely lack; and, what cooking facilities will I have in an emergency? The answer to the first question is probably power and water. The answer to the second depends on your situation. Most plans I have seen for emergency essentials when it comes to food supplies include huge quantities of meat, rice, dried beans, and canned tuna. Emergency Essentials: What Food do I Need to Store? Dried beans Rice Pasta Dried fruit Meat (cans or jars) Soup mixes Dried milk Peanut butter Honey Flour Cornmeal Garden (summer –  eggplant, okra, crowder peas, fresh greens) Garden (winter – collards, cabbage,  turnips) For an emergency which involves finances, or the inability to get to a supermarket, dried foods are great. I

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