Farm Pond Maintenance to Prevent Winterkill

Why are Fish Dying in Ponds on my Homestead?

Farm Pond Maintenance to Prevent Winterkill
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes By Bob Robinson – Ponds and lakes in the northern United States have in the past experienced what I will term a “fish kill” related to lack of dissolved oxygen present in the water. Oxygen is essential to the metabolism of all aerobic (air breathing) organisms. Oxygen typically enters lakes at the surface via diffusion from the air, by wave action or by photosynthesis from aquatic plants. Luckily, there are farm pond maintenance tactics you can perform to help dissolved oxygen levels. More on that in a bit. A combination of thick ice and heavy snow accumulation can in some instances be cause for concern in lakes/ponds. If your body of water has a high concentration of organic material on the bottom, is relatively shallow, or is heavily infested with rooted and floating plants in the summer, there is a chance that severe winter

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