6 Pig Farming Equipment Essentials for Your Farm

How a Hog Snare Can Save You Time and Effort

6 Pig Farming Equipment Essentials for Your Farm
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes There are not a lot of must-have pig farming equipment items for homestead hog raising. Besides the infrastructure needed for almost any livestock, other tools are rarely used. Shelter, secure fencing, and a container to hold plenty of fresh water are the bare bones of hog raising. Adding clean straw bedding will keep the housing cleaner and more sanitary. When you are learning how to start pig farming, what equipment to purchase is often a question. In reality, our hogs do their thing, and unless there is some unusual circumstance, we don’t spend a lot of time on pig farming equipment for the three breeding hogs we keep on our farm. The sows farrow easily, extra rations are provided for them and we keep a watchful eye on the developing piglets. When not raising piglets, the sows roam the large acreage, rooting, foraging

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