Solar Dyeing Wool Using Natural Plants

Obtain Beautiful Color from Natural Yarn Dye

Solar Dyeing Wool Using Natural Plants
Add to Favorites Solar dyeing wool with natural dyes is a simple procedure that yields beautiful results. The process is fairly safe so the whole family can enjoy the experiment. Solar dyeing involves learning which plants to harvest from the yard or woods that make dye and provide lasting color. The possibilities are fascinating and some of the colors will surprise you. When you learn how to make homemade clothing dye, you will enjoy repurposing older garments. Pre-Mordant Instructions for Solar Dyeing Wool Before starting with the actual dyeing process, a preliminary pre-mordant step needs to be taken so your yarn is ready to accept the dye. A mordant is a substance that combines with a dye or stain and fixes it in a material. This step does require some heat so make sure to grab the wool yarn you want to use for solar dyeing wool and a large

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