Growing Potatoes in a Bag or a Bucket

Try Growing Potatoes in Containers for Small Spaces

Growing Potatoes in a Bag or a Bucket
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Potatoes are almost foolproof. They’ll grow and produce as long as the soil is fertile, water is available, the sun shines, and the plant doesn’t freeze. Growing potatoes in a bag or bucket will allow you to harvest them even if the sun only shines on a cement slab. How Potatoes Grow Potatoes are one of the few nightshade crops from which the fruit is not eaten. Though some varieties do produce “potato fruit” or “true seeds,” the fruit is toxic. Instead, the tuber is cultivated, dug, and cooked prior to consumption. Like all nightshades, potatoes are frost-sensitive. Gardeners may plant them before all danger of frost has passed, and they will be fine if leaves don’t emerge before a light cold snap rolls in, but temperatures below 32 degrees will damage or kill foliage. Gardeners have best results if they protect their

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