The Shocking Truth About Electric Fencing for Sheep

Learn How to Build Electric Fences to Keep Livestock In and Predators Out

The Shocking Truth About Electric Fencing for Sheep
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes By John Kirchhoff – People have mixed feelings about the use of electric fencing for sheep and other livestock. For people unfamiliar with them, the word “electric fence” conjures up images of a well-done corpse hanging off a prison fence. Those folks usually consider them an instrument of animal torture at best. Some users will say they’re ineffective and useless while others consider them the best thing to come along since sliced bread. One person told me his fence was inexpensive to build and very dependable and the next says hers was very expensive and undependable, with the accent on “was” because she’s no longer using one. I’ve had situations where fences were ineffective, yet no one knows better than I the unique, effective and memorable pain delivered by a powerfully charged fence. For the record, well-constructed and maintained electric fencing for sheep will

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