Quick Tips For Fixing Metal and Wooden Gates

A Guide to Homestead and Livestock Gate Maintenance

Quick Tips For Fixing Metal and Wooden Gates
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes By Heather Thomas Smith – Keeping metal and wooden gates in good repair can sometimes be a challenge, but is an important part of homesteading today. A sagging or broken gate can be a chore to open and shut, and may also tempt an animal to jump, lean over or crawl through, possibly injuring itself in the process— or getting out on a road or into a neighbor’s place. Here are a few tips for making your life with gates easier. Fixing a Sagging Metal or Wooden Gate A metal or wooden gate can become a heavy burden to open and close if it begins to sag, no longer swinging freely. Gate posts should be sturdy and set deep in the ground, to keep a gate from sagging, but sometimes the posts “give” a bit over time, unless set in concrete. Some ground is unstable
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  1. I love your tip about having an electric handle unhooked before opening the gate. That makes sense considering you don’t want to shock yourself. I’ll have to consider getting a contractor to install a fence in my front yard.

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