How a British Family Constructed Their Own Root Cellar

Root Cellar Plans for the Homestead

How a British Family Constructed Their Own Root Cellar
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Susie Kearley – In Buckinghamshire, England, Ali Freeman and her family, farm an impressive eight acre smallholding with a menagerie of animals and abundant vegetable plots. I went to meet them last August and was very impressed by the root cellar, which they’d built themselves. If you’re looking for a great way for how to store vegetables through the winter, this could be the answer! It was a year earlier when I first visited the smallholding — their root cellar was just starting to take shape. The foundations were in place and I could see the beginnings of the walls, made from sandbags filled with soil and stones. When I returned the following August, the construction was complete, and inside, the root cellar was cool and ready for preserving food. The root cellar was constructed four feet deep into the ground. “I’d dig

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