Preventing and Treating Cattle Scours in Calves

Scours in Cattle and Baby Calves Can Be Deadly

Preventing and Treating Cattle Scours in Calves
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes The most common illness in young calves is cattle scours (diarrhea). There are many causes, including intestinal infection because of bacteria, viruses, or protozoa. Whether calves get sick depends on multiple factors such as exposure to pathogens, poor immunity, and/or stress. Good weather, clean ground, and stress reduction — shelter from bad weather and minimizing confinement — helps reduce the incidence of cattle scours. Prevention There are two important strategies in scours prevention — helping the calf become more resistant to the pathogens, and trying to reduce the number of pathogens the calf is exposed to that cause cattle scours. Boosting immunity starts with adequate colostrum for newborns. There must be a high level of antibodies in the cow’s colostrum and the calf must suckle enough colostrum, very quickly after birth, to be adequately protected. Pregnant cows can be vaccinated for common pathogens that

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