Make Garlic Powder by Dehydrating Garlic

Plus Other Great Ideas for Preserving Garlic

Make Garlic Powder by Dehydrating Garlic
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes There is no need to let garlic go to waste once it begins to show signs of aging. Learn how to make garlic powder by dehydrating garlic cloves. This method is extremely easy and an excellent way for preserving garlic. Selecting the Best Garlic Variety Garlic is a bulb which is planted in the fall and spring by gardeners worldwide. Aside from being a delicious ingredient for many dishes, it also holds strong medicinal qualities for both humans and animals. Choosing the best variety to plant will depend on whether you plant to preserve or use it fresh. All varieties can be dried to make garlic powder, canned, and fermented. However, only one type of garlic stores best long-term. Variety Selection There are two types of garlic which can be planted. With each type, there are a plethora of varieties to choose from.

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