A List of the Best Meat Preservation Methods

Curing, Canning, Dehydrating, and Freeze Drying Food at Home

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A List of the Best Meat Preservation Methods
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes What meat preservation methods can you use to sustain your hunt or protein harvest? There are many options. What you choose depends on your resources. Buying in bulk saves money. Raising your own animals allows you to obtain meat in ways that uphold your standards. And hunting is a thrilling way to provide for your family. But what do you do when you have many pounds more than you’ll use in a single meal? There are different meat preservation methods out there. Some require sophisticated appliances while others are cheaper and easier to store. Using several methods guarantees your food will last through seasons and circumstances. Freezing Freezing is difficult to mess up unless you use the wrong container or forget to plug in the freezer. Whether you purchase meat in bulk, hunt it, or raise it yourself, little work is required to portion

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