The Best Small Tractor Hacks

Low Buck Tractor and Machinery Tips To Make Your Life Easier

The Best Small Tractor Hacks
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Life is different when you own a tractor, so much so I don’t really know how I would function without one. Even with the best small tractor, there are situations that call for ingenuity and specialty add-ons to turn your tractor into a rolling Swiss Army knife. Just like mechanic work, every job is easier when you have the right tools, so let’s look at a few add-ons I’ve used over the years to make my tractor into “the right tool for the job.” If you do modify your equipment, do so at your own risk. If you are uncertain in any way, ask a local professional for input. I’m not an engineer, certified welder, or professional mechanic, nor do I know what tractor you have or what condition it’s in, so use caution when modifying equipment. Heavy Lifting I lift things up and
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  1. If you don’t need to lift high, I recommend 3-point forks. I use them to lift pallets up high enough to move and can lift 700 or 800 pounds with my JD 2305, which is more than you would be able to lift with bucket fork attachments. I also use the rear forks to make a combination ballast/tool box. It’s a pallet with a wall on one side holding my chainsaw, all the accessories and protective clothing and a tank for water ballast. I can use the water ballast as either counterweight or as a portable watering tank for my property.

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