Change The Game With A Backhoe Thumb

My backhoe thumb installation adventure

Change The Game With A Backhoe Thumb
Add to Favorites A backhoe thumb is something I’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, just like it took me years to add tractor bucket hooks to my John Deere, it’s a project that was lost to the depths of time, endlessly delayed by “I’ll get around to it” just like my snowplow tractor bucket attachment I have yet to build. But finally, the stars have aligned, and I’ve found one of those rare “round-to-it” things I needed. Backhoe Thumbs But why a backhoe thumb? We’ve had a three-point backhoe for our John Deere 5105 for over 20 years, and it does its job, but nothing else. A regular backhoe is excellent for digging holes, but that’s about it. What if you could use it to process wood, rip up brush, or stack rocks? That’s where a backhoe thumb makes the difference. OEM Vs. Aftermarket Some manufactures offer their backhoes with integrated thumbs

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