Best Dairy Sheep Breeds for a Farm
July 28, 2019 · · Sheep

There are a few dairy sheep breeds you could add to your farm. The East Friesian sheep is considered the best breed of dairy sheep by researchers. The milk yield …

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How to Shear a Sheep and Other Fiber Animals
April 29, 2019 · · Sheep

Learning how to shear a sheep takes practice and time. Before you head out to buy sheep shearing supplies try to observe a professional sheep shearer and ask questions. The …

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Rigged Sheep Hand Shears: Two-Pack for Two Jobs
March 13, 2019 · · Sheep

By Nathan Griffith – We got a two-pack of fully rigged Rosa-brand sheep hand shears in April, reportedly made in South Africa, sent to us by Allen Gemmell of New …

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