5 Critical Sheep Breeds for the Homestead
July 9, 2019 . · Sheep

Raised for their hides, meat, milk, and wool, sheep are versatile. In addition to providing a local source of food and fiber, small flock owners are looking to support livestock conservation …

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Raising Spotted Pigs: Gloucestershire Old Spot

By Kay Wolfe – We love raising pigs for meat, so I was excited to try a new pig breed. One bite of that succulent pork roast, and I knew I was …

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5 Homestead Animals for Self-Sufficiency
June 17, 2019 . · Homesteading

If your aim is self-sufficiency and you’re not a vegan, you will need a supply of milk, eggs and meat for self-sufficiency. From cow farming to chicken keeping, the peace …

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Top 10 List of Farm Tools and Equipment You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Leading the self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle can be rewarding as well as trying at times. Over the years of setting fence posts, fixing barns, and repairing equipment, I’ve built a little …

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Designing Your Ideal Homesteading Land

By Ken Wilson – Homesteading land is neither a farm nor a rural residence; therefore, it presents design challenges that are different from the others. A rural residence is basically nothing more …

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A Guide to the Best Survival Foods
May 7, 2019 . · Self-Reliance

Emergency survival and preparation is a hot topic right now. You’ll find many articles online regarding what foods should be on your survival items list. Some are better for long-term storage …

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The Truth About Farmsteading
March 13, 2019 . · Self-Reliance

By Rhonda Crank Among new or wannabe farmsteaders (or homesteaders), there is often a sense of romanticism. They begin their journey to a simpler, self-sufficient lifestyle and are quickly overwhelmed by what seems to be …

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My Experiments With Milking Plants

By Daniel Strauss This cartoon was my first exposure as a child to the concept of non-dairy milk alternatives: After all the milk wells on the planet of Felina had gone dry, Overcat came …

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Why You Should KISS Emergency Preparedness

By Patrice Lewis, Idaho How many of you are confident the economy is solid, your employment is secure, the value of the dollar is sound and the power grid is permanent? …

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Foraging Safely

If you want to meet a true forager, it is imperative to visit one who lives solely off five acres of land. I was fortunate to meet Logan Parker, a …

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How to Work a One-Acre Homestead

When we purchased our home in upstate New York, we had no intention to create a one-acre homestead. We were thrilled that we had so much space to put in …

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4 Homestead Kitchen Tips for the Visually Impaired

By Jackie Waters – My husband’s sister, who has been visually impaired since childhood, recently came to live with us. While we were excited to welcome her, we knew our …

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The Best Places to Hide Money and Secure Your Valuables

By Jim Cobb — Do you know the best places to hide money and secure your valuables? As you continue to become more independent at self-sufficient farm living, sometimes you …

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Earth-Sheltered, Earth-Conscious Homes

By Mike Oakes, Washington Building earth-conscious homes is becoming more relevant as we live in a world where we have increasing air and water pollution, reduction of green spaces due …

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Determining The Best Renewable Energy Source For Your Homestead
March 13, 2019 . · Homesteading

Living off-grid with the best renewable energy source has benefits and rewards. The most obvious is the saving of money on monthly power bills. Setting up your system requires upfront …

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