Calving Success: How to Assist a Cow Giving Birth

By Heather Smith Thomas – The riskiest time in a calf’s life is being born. Several million calves in the United States and Canada are lost each year during birth …

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Preventing and Treating Cattle Scours in Calves

By Heather Smith Thomas – The most common illness in young calves is cattle scours (diarrhea). There are many causes, including intestinal infection because of bacteria, viruses, or protozoa. Whether calves …

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How to Treat Colicky Calf Bloat

By Heather Smith Thomas – Some calves develop calf bloat, an acute enterotoxemia (toxic gut infection), caused by bacterial toxins. These calves are usually about a month old but may …

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Calving Signs – Being Ready to Assist
February 19, 2019 . · Cattle

When calving signs become evident, be prepared to assist when things aren’t progressing as they should. Know the stages of labor and how to react. When your cow is nearing full …

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How to Tube Feed a Calf

By Heather Smith Thomas – There are times you must get fluid into a newborn calf that needs colostrum or a sick calf that needs fluid and medications given orally. …

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