The Shocking Truth About Electric Fencing for Sheep

By John Kirchhoff – People have mixed feelings about the use of electric fencing for sheep and other livestock. For people unfamiliar with them, the word “electric fence” conjures up images …

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The Dorper Sheep: A Hardy Adaptable Breed
August 10, 2019 · · Sheep

Would you like to raise Dorper sheep, one of the fastest growing breeds in the United States and many other countries? There is good reason for the popularity of the Dorper …

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Sheep Breeds for Fiber, Meat, or Dairy
August 6, 2019 · · Sheep

There are numerous sheep breeds in the world and raising sheep serves many purposes. Some sheep breeds lend themselves to provide the whole range of products, Rambouillet sheep, Dorset sheep, and …

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Wool-Yielding Animals for Yarn and Fiber
July 12, 2019 · · Homesteading

Yarn weights are considerations when deciding which fiber breed or species to raise for your yarn. Wool, fleece, and fiber can be harvested from a number of wool-yielding animals, including …

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Breed Diversity and Results of Inbreeding
June 30, 2019 · · Homesteading

In their call to preserve biodiversity, the FAO stresses the importance of preserving heritage breeds and avoiding the results of inbreeding.

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Hair Sheep Breeds – The Right Choice for You?
June 21, 2019 · · Sheep

Hair sheep breeds are growing in popularity as consumers look for economical ways to raise homestead meat animals. Hair breeds have many positive traits that make them an ideal animal for …

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Animal Care and Family Matter The Most

By Heather SmithThomas, Idaho Andrew Lewis and his family live on a farm in the southern tier of New York that was originally purchased by his great-grandparents. “I’m the fourth generation …

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North to Alaska!

By Yates Colby & Bill Marion St. Croix sheep tend to conjure images of warm Caribbean islands and sandy beaches. Recently, a group of St. Croix sheep made the long …

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Spit in the Wind Sheep Farm

By Alan Harman On a perfect Michigan spring day under clear blue skies you can’t miss them — Polypay lambs running around tree-lined lush green fields, or bleating for their …

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Dual Coat Dynamics in Sheep

By Jacqueline Harp In the past, the history, legends and myths of many cultures pointed to dual-coated sheep as a key to survival — and as the backbone of whole …

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Shannon Creek Ranch

By Alan Harman Deep in the heart of cattle country, Joseph Hubbard, at age 30 a 20-year sheep-producing veteran, is helping groom a new breed of sheep producers. Unit manager …

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On-Pasture Ram Trials

By Tim King Shepherds and University Extension personnel at Virginia Tech are working together to increase parasite resistance and growth in sheep raised in predominantly forage based production systems. To …

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Wrap-Around Flock Success — Everything But The Baa!

See more great stories in the January-February 2017 issue of sheep! magazine. By Jacqueline Harp – At the 2016 OkFiberFest in Okanogan, Washington, there was a vendor booth that exploded with …

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Profits from a ”Lamb Hub” — Hi-Ho Sheep Farm

Originally published in the September/October 2016 issue of sheep! magazine. By Jacqueline Harp Buying local is a substantial and growing trend among consumers, restaurants, small grocers and now, even an …

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The Texel Fix-All
March 13, 2019 · · Sheep

By Tim King Texels are a white-faced breed of heavily muscled sheep that originated in the Netherlands. British shepherds became interested in the breed and started importing them from the …

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