5 Critical Sheep Breeds for the Homestead
July 9, 2019 . · Sheep

Raised for their hides, meat, milk, and wool, sheep are versatile. In addition to providing a local source of food and fiber, small flock owners are looking to support livestock conservation …

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Spit in the Wind Sheep Farm

By Alan Harman On a perfect Michigan spring day under clear blue skies you can’t miss them — Polypay lambs running around tree-lined lush green fields, or bleating for their …

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Dual Coat Dynamics in Sheep

By Jacqueline Harp In the past, the history, legends and myths of many cultures pointed to dual-coated sheep as a key to survival — and as the backbone of whole …

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Shannon Creek Ranch

By Alan Harman Deep in the heart of cattle country, Joseph Hubbard, at age 30 a 20-year sheep-producing veteran, is helping groom a new breed of sheep producers. Unit manager …

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On-Pasture Ram Trials

By Tim King Shepherds and University Extension personnel at Virginia Tech are working together to increase parasite resistance and growth in sheep raised in predominantly forage based production systems. To …

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