Breed Diversity and Results of Inbreeding
March 14, 2019 . · Homesteading

Urgent warnings from the United Nations to protect genetic diversity apply to livestock too. The results of inbreeding and a focus on high-yielding, high-maintenance breeds raises sustainability issues in the …

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All About Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs
March 14, 2019 . · Sheep

By Cindy Kolb – The Karakachan livestock guardian dog is an LGD breed that has been used for centuries as an integral part of the life of the nomadic shepherds of …

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Protesters And The Eucalyptus Trees

By Christopher Nyerges Eucalyptus has been in the news because naked protesters are unhappy with the University of California-Berkeley’s plan to remove thousands of these Australian natives. When I was growing …

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Seeds, Anyone?

By Anita B. Stone When I had the pleasure to attend “The Value of Seed Banks” seminar held at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, North Carolina, recently, I listened …

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Make Your Own Seed Bank
March 1, 2019 . · Growing

Scrolls, skeletons and seeds. That’s what the discovery of Herod’s Palace in Masada, Israel, revealed. Ancient history, preserved for future generations. Scientists carbon-dated the date palm seeds to confirm they …

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Going Organic Saves Me Work

By Anita B. Stone, The Homesteader’s Bits & Pieces I was a bit skeptical to try organic agriculture because I thought it meant more work for me. But I found that …

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Go Green with Sedum Roofs
February 26, 2019 . · Fences, Sheds & Barns

Having a sedum roof or other live plants growing purposefully on your barn, coop or dwelling has many advantages. In addition to being aesthetic, these living roofs can help reduce …

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