A Recipe for the Best Coffee Scrub (or Two or Three)

The Best Coffee Exfoliant Recipe May Depend on What You're Using It For

A Recipe for the Best Coffee Scrub (or Two or Three)
Add to Favorites by Rebecca Sanderson What makes the best coffee scrub? That depends on what you are specifically using it for. Some people claim the caffeine in a coffee scrub can help reduce cellulite. Others use it purely for the exfoliation factor. My sister claims it was the only cleansing agent that could remove the pig stench after picking up their piglets. A coffee body scrub has many uses and is incredibly simple to make. There are many variations on the basic recipe to tailor the scrub to your needs and desires. You can even add fragrance in the form of essential oils or soap scents. Start Making Your Own Soap Today!Natural soap making is fun and easy when you have this FREE guide to help you through the process. Let us send you our FREE Soapmaking Guide. Sign-up today. It’s free! YES! Please sign me up! The most

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