Making Homemade Lipstick

Making Lipstick is Easy and Requires a Few Simple Ingredients

Making Homemade Lipstick
Add to Favorites Learning how to make homemade lipstick is easy and gives you control over the ingredients. You just need a lip balm base, micas, and containers. In the wave of homemade products, makeup has also found a niche. Many people are looking for a safer, more natural, or at least less complicated product. Lipstick can be made at home, but it does have a few particulars to keep in mind. Start Making Your Own Soap Today!Natural soap making is fun and easy when you have this FREE guide to help you through the process. Let us send you our FREE Soapmaking Guide. Sign-up today. It’s free! YES! Please sign me up! Making lipstick yourself does require a few key materials. First, you need a lip balm base. You can purchase a premixed base or make one yourself (instructions to follow). For the pigment, you want lip-safe mica. Mica
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    1. Hello Mruga. I asked Rebecca, the author, your question and here is her reply: “I just added a tiny bit at a time until it looked sufficiently opaque. It took very little titanium dioxide, just the tip of a spoons’ worth. Mica needs a little more. I mixed enough to pour into 3 lipstick tubes at a time.” We hope this helps and good luck!

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