Making Homemade Lipstick

Making Lipstick is Easy and Requires a Few Simple Ingredients

Making Homemade Lipstick
Add to Favorites Learning how to make homemade lipstick is easy and gives you control over the ingredients. You just need a lip balm base, micas, and containers. In the wave of homemade products, makeup has also found a niche. Many people are looking for a safer, more natural, or at least less complicated product. Lipstick can be made at home, but it does have a few particulars to keep in mind. Making lipstick yourself does require a few key materials. First, you need a lip balm base. You can purchase a premixed base or make one yourself (instructions to follow). For the pigment, you want lip-safe mica. Mica is a silicate mineral found as minute scales in granite and other rocks or as crystals and is used as cosmetic and soap ingredients. In order to be considered lip-safe, a product must be safe to ingest as we do invariably
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    1. Hello Mruga. I asked Rebecca, the author, your question and here is her reply: “I just added a tiny bit at a time until it looked sufficiently opaque. It took very little titanium dioxide, just the tip of a spoons’ worth. Mica needs a little more. I mixed enough to pour into 3 lipstick tubes at a time.” We hope this helps and good luck!

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