How to Make Bath Bombs: An Easy DIY Gift

The Best Bath Bomb Recipe Only Needs Five Ingredients

How to Make Bath Bombs: An Easy DIY Gift
Add to Favorites If you’re just starting your soapmaking journey, learning how to make bath bombs is a good first step. Often ball-shaped, bath bombs are dry, chalky, conglomerations that fizz and release fragrance when dropped in water. They’re sold as novelties, though additions like witch hazel and skin-friendly oils can add benefits. Many “how to make bath bombs” recipes exist online, some with cornstarch and some with Epsom salts. These are easy soap making recipes for beginners, safe for kids to make if nobody is allergic to the ingredients and oils causing sensitivity aren’t used. If you already know how to make bath salts, you already have some bath bomb ingredients. Bath bombs and bath salts are two of many Epsom salt uses. How to Make Bath Bombs Five Essential Bath Bomb Ingredients Baking Soda (8 ounces) Citric Acid (4 ounces) Water or Witch Hazel (1/2 to 1 Tablespoon)

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