How to Make Tallow and Lard

What is Tallow, and How Do You Render It?

How to Make Tallow and Lard
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Learning how to make tallow was once a regular yearly task during slaughter. The white, firm fat produced could be used in cooking, candle making, and salves, as well as soap making. In my research for this article, I tried tallow in soap, in a solid lotion bar recipe, and as a cooking oil. All three produced excellent results. The tallow soap was hard with a creamy, moderate lather. The solid lotion bar, with tallow substituted for half of the beeswax, was creamy and smooth on the skin without a greasy after-feel. As a cooking oil, tallow produced crisp potato wedges with fluffy centers and crispy coated chicken tenders that were light and non-greasy. Tallow, as it turns out, is a multi-purpose star around the household.  What is tallow? It is the fat from beef, goats, and most other animals, purified into a hard, white fat. Is

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