Beard Balm and Beard Oil Recipes

Why Beard Oil? The Care and Styling of Your Beard

Beard Balm and Beard Oil Recipes
Add to Favorites When I was designing this beard oil recipe, I spent a good amount of time studying and comparing ingredients in a beard balm recipe as well. If I am going to compare beard oil vs. beard balm, it only seems appropriate to design a beard wax recipe as well. All three recipes build on the basic ingredients of the beard oil recipe. I have tried to use oils that are light, easily absorbed, nutritious and non-comedogenic. The beard balm recipe contains such light, nutritive oils as well as a small touch of beeswax. When considering whether to use beard balm or oil, there are different properties to compare. Both oil and balm are conditioning for the skin and the hair. Oil offers light to no control, and balm offers medium to light control. Both will soften the beard and add shine.   Why beard oil? To the greatest extent, it

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