A CBD Bath Bomb Recipe that Works!

The Best CBD Bath Bombs Are Handmade!

A CBD Bath Bomb Recipe that Works!
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes When formulating and testing for a CBD bath bomb recipe, I realized that just about any recipe you like will do the trick. The best CBD bath bombs are the ones you can custom craft to suit your preferences. For instance, you can start with this easy DIY Bath Bomb Recipe, simply adding 1 to 1½ tablespoons of CBD oil per cup of bath bomb mixture base. This CBD bath bomb recipe is very basic and easy to customize, adding more or less CBD oil as your preferences and budget allow. Remember, the best CBD bath bombs are a handmade and luxurious way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil on the skin.   As you learn how to make CBD bath bombs, you will notice that some recipes call for no oils at all, while others call for small amounts of liquid oils. Still others have butters mixed into their bath bomb base, either melted and added

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