Keeping the Harvest

Keeping the Harvest

Discover The Homegrown Goodness of Putting Up Your Own Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
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Enjoy your abundant harvest of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year by following the simple, satisfying home-preserving techniques in Keeping the Harvest. A reliable, easy-to-use reference for thousands of gardeners and cooks since 1976, Keeping the Harvest is now completely updated to reflect the latest techniques, equipment, and USDA guidelines for home preserving in the 1990s. Now you can capture the goodness of “garden-fresh” and save money, too!

A wide range of preserving techniques is covered to meet a variety of needs: freezing, canning, pressure canning, drying, pickling, curing, and making jams and jellies. Also included are new, quick methods such as microwave drying of herbs. And techniques are generously illustrated and clearly explained to ensure foolproof results. You’ll find dozens of fruits and vegetables listed A to Z with helpful recommendations for how they can best be preserved — from harvesting, to putting up, to storage.

Reference charts, favorite recipes, and trouble-shooting tips are sprinkled throughout. And of course, safety, taste, and nutrition concerns are always emphasized. Chock full of time-saving ideas and palate-pleasing results, Keeping the Harvest is the one home-preserving guide you’ll want on your kitchen bookshelf.

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Author: Nancy Chioffi and Gretchen Mead
ISBN: 0-88266-650-9
Pages: 201