Homegrown Herbs

Homegrown Herbs

A Complete Guide to Growing, Using & Enjoying More Than 100 Herbs
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This is the definitive guide to planting, growing, harvesting, and using 101 popular herbs. A step-by-step primer for gardeners of every level, it includes in-depth information on seed selection; planting; maintenance and care; harvesting; drying; and uses in the kitchen, home pharmacy, crafting, and body care. Sensational four-color photographs by Saxon Holt bring the information to life.

With renowned herbalist Tammi Hartung as a guide, readers will discover that growing their own herbs is one of the easiest ways possible to bring more beauty, flavor, and health to everyday life.

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Author: Tammi Hartung
ISBN: 978-1-60342-703-6
Pages: 255