A Critique Of Capitalist Democracy And A Guide To Understanding The New Normal
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You don’t have to follow the news closely to be aware that these are tumultuous times. Every American should read this book to understand what has happened to the American Dream — and what the New Frugality really means. Of all the changes in recent history, one that stands out is how many ‘wants’ have now become ‘needs,’ and the dire consequences that follow. For too many people their chief purpose is to produce and consume beyond all reason. The chaos affects everyone.

ENOUGH! will help you understand the mess from a homestead perspective. The three-pronged economic system involving capitalism, democracy, and producer/consumers is in deep trouble. How did it happen? How will it affect your life? And most importantly, what can you do about it, in your own home and backyard, before it’s too late? Get the answers in ENOUGH!, the latest book from Countryside’s founder, J. D. Belanger — the only analysis of current (and future) events based on Countryside’s Homestead Philosophy! If you weren’t around 75 years ago, you didn’t live through the rise and fall of the American Dream … which also might mean you don’t have a very clear picture of where we are today, and where we might be going. For a better understanding of the day’s news, and how it applies to your life, order your copy of ENOUGH!

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Author:  Jerome D. Belanger
ISBN:  978-0972966146
Pages:  299