Cheese Making DVD

Cheese Making DVD

Make Your Own Cheese at Home
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Making cheese at home does not have to be complicated or difficult. Let Kate Johnson, award-winning cheesemaker and “cheese coach,” show you how to use basic ingredients to make a wide variety of cheese in your own kitchen. There are 3 videos to help you achieve immediate success as well as build the skills that will allow you to further refine the craft of artisan cheesemaking. Each course will explain the ingredients, tools, and science involved so you’re not just following a recipe, but truly understanding the methods and reasons behind them.

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To Download:

Cheesemaking 101: Intro to the Art & Science of Cheesemaking

Quick & Easy Cheeses: Chevre, Cottage Cheese, Feta

Intro to Pressed & Aged Cheeses: Queso Fresco & Guido’s Italian Hard Cheese

Author: Kate Johnson