Apple Grower, The

Apple Grower, The

A Guide For The Organic Apple Orchardist
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Apples represent “organic’s final frontier” for many backyard and commercial growers. The number of insect pests and diseases that can plague the popular fruit have made a completely organic approach seemingly next to impossible. Yet despite the challenges, it is possible to grow healthy, flavorful apples with little or no need for synthetic chemicals.

In The Apple Grower, author and organic orchardist Michael Phillips combines the forgotten wisdom of our great-grandparents with the best research and techniques available today. Since it first appeared in 1998, the book has been widely acclaimed as the gold standard for anyone who wants to grow apples wisely and naturally. This new, colorful, fully revised and expanded edition features much new information on cutting-edge topics.

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Author:  Michael Phillips
ISBN:  978-1-931498-91-1
Pages:  343