The Lincoln Longwool Sheep

Saving an Endangered Sheep Breed

The Lincoln Longwool Sheep
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes By Alan Harman — Canadian Kate Michalska is farming the endangered Lincoln Longwool sheep as a conservation project but says their meat is lovely and mild to eat. At first glance, eating a threatened breed seems counter-intuitive, but Michalska says no way. “Unless their meat is eaten, and their wool is used, they will go extinct,” she says. “So, I have wool processed into yarn for weavers and knitters, and roving and raw wool for spinners. I also sell sheepskins and meat.” Michalska and her husband Andrew have raised Lincoln Longwools for 20 years at St. Isidore Farm — named after the patron saint of farmers — with its 150 acres of forest and 54 acres of arable land northwest of Kingston, Ontario, 165 miles east of Toronto. The breed can be traced back to the first century Roman occupation of England when

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