The Beautiful Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

An Intelligent, Cooperative Breed of Sheep

The Beautiful Black Welsh Mountain Sheep
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Robin Morse, of Bankside Farm in the Snoqualmie River Valley near DuVall Washington, and Oogie Maguire, of Desert Weyr near Paonia, Colorado, both raise Black Welsh Mountain sheep. “They are really a terrific sheep breed,” Robin, who has been raising the hardy long tailed and all black sheep for 15 years, said. “This is a wonderfully friendly, intelligent breed of sheep and their beautiful black fleeces are much in demand by hand-spinners, knitters, and weavers who prefer to work with a naturally black wool, rather than with a fiber that must be artificially dyed black.” The color of the all black four-inch long fleeces was a primary factor when the Morse family chose Black Welsh Mountain sheep to be their breed. The fact that the Livestock Conservancy ranks the breed as threatened, due to its low population numbers, also made them attractive to

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