sheep! July/August 2019

sheep! July/August 2019

• Wooly Weeders, “Bye-bye Fire Risk; Hello Gourmet Joy!”
• Annika Bobb, Future of the Business
• When Friendly Forages Turn Toxic, Causes & How to Prep
• The Future is in Wool! How Many Ways A Fiber Breed Pays!

• Scribblings: Independence Days, 13 Lessons from Colonial America
• sheep! Photo Contest
• Meeting of Minds
~ Wormers Sold in Foreign Lands
~ Striking Down Revised WOTUS Definitions that Harm Ruralites
~ American Sheep Industry Notes
~ Wolves Just Convenient Tools?
~ Sheep For Profit School July 10-13, 2019
~ Taking the Flock on the Road to Transhumance
~ Deceitful Rush to Establish More Wolves, More Quickly
~ Changes: Does “Leadership” Grasp Them & Why They’re Occurring?
• Hair Sheep Reports
• Vet Check
• Sheep May Safely Graze: Baiting and Luring Wolves, Getting the Right Stink
• Wool Gatherings
• Price Reports
• sheep! Bookstore
• Shearing Notes
• Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack
• News Bleat
~ New USDA Sheep Tagging Rules (NAIS Redux)
~ Farm Mobbing Now In U.S.
~ Apply for NSIIC Industry Improvement Grants
~ “Fake Meat’s Rise is Mostly Hype,” Analyst Says
~ Wool: Designing for Action
~ “Rid Half Your Sheep—Do It for the Climate!”
~ Boastful Grower Fined for Cruelty
~ Funding Cut Wipes Out 75 Percent of California Research Flock
~ Kiwis Finding Huge Asian Market for Sheep Milk
~ Maybe Turkeys Would’ve Been a Better National Bird
• sheep! Breeders & Classifieds

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