Becoming a Shepherd

Is Sheep Farming Right For You?

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes This story was featured in the September / October 2019 issue of Countryside!  Shepherding has been part of humanity for thousands of years. And I was drawn to this lifestyle. I do not come from a background of shepherding. My family roots are deep in suburbia. However, I do have a strong family gene for handcrafts. The crafts involving wool yarn primarily passed down to me from my Welsh Nana, have always been part of my relaxation. I often need to raise the bar from enjoying a hobby to making it part of my lifestyle. I guess it was no big surprise that my heart would gravitate towards becoming a shepherd and be part of the entire process. Raising animals that provide fiber is fascinating. I wanted to be part of the entire cycle. From the sheep that grazes and forages on our

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