Wintertime Epsom Salt Hacks

Natural Home Remedies for Wintertime Blues, Achy Muscles, and More

Wintertime Epsom Salt Hacks
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes Trying to stay healthy in the winter is a challenge so I have some Epsom salt hacks that will help when you’re feeling under the weather. Our bodies naturally want to hibernate from the cold, the rain, and the wind, but who wants to put their whole life on hold for a whole season? There’s usually firewood to chop and stack, and gorgeous days of skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating to enjoy. Winter is also cough, cold, and flu season so taking care of our health and our immune systems are also important. From helping us with mineral deficiency to getting a good night’s sleep, Epsom salt has a long list of benefits that we can take advantage of when the days get short and the temperatures drop. Got an achy back? Try this Epsom salt hack. Whether you’re sore from shoveling snow

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