Why You Should KISS Emergency Preparedness

Prep & Survival: Tactics

Why You Should KISS Emergency Preparedness
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 13 minutes By Patrice Lewis, Idaho How many of you are confident the economy is solid, your employment is secure, the value of the dollar is sound and the power grid is permanent? It’s no wonder the subject of preparedness has gone mainstream. We’re not stupid. We know something’s amiss in our beloved nation. Americans have grown up accustomed to Just-In-Time distribution, smoothly operating roads and services, and an abundance of resources such as food, clean water and electricity. But the evidence of our own eyes and pocket books has begun to make us suspect that these services and resources may not be as stable as we’ve been led to believe. It’s the realization of what life would be like without those goods and services that is driving the preparedness movement, which is a movement I applaud to the highest degree. The more people who are prepared

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