Collecting Wild Mushrooms

Tips on Harvesting Wild Food

Collecting Wild Mushrooms
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 8 minutes By Karin Deneke – Collecting wild mushrooms is a fascinating hobby rewarding us with tasty wild food. Nature’s bounty is endless. All it takes to harvest wild foods requires to be at the right place at the right time. Wild berries, herbs, grains, nuts, tubers, roots, and mushrooms are waiting for those who have the desire, knowledge, and skills to collect them. When it is time for the fruiting of wild mushrooms, it is often guesswork when to exactly head for the woods or meadows to find these delicious morsels. Harvest time is often off by days or even weeks. Sometimes the window of opportunity is short, caused by a drastic change in the weather, sometimes the seasons last longer than others. Some years the harvest is plentiful, some years it is meager or nonexistent. Important factors in coaxing these morsels from their

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