Raising Rabbits for Meat Guide

Raising Rabbits for Meat: Everything You Need to Know, from Best Meat Rabbits to Best Food for Rabbits and Other Facts About Rabbits

It has been said that an acre of alfalfa fed to rabbits will return at least five times as much meat as that same amount of alfalfa fed to beef cattle. Rabbit meat is also more nutritious and lower in fat than beef, pork or even poultry. It contains 20.8 percent protein as compared to beef’s 16.3 average protein content. If you’re interested in raising rabbits for meat but don’t know where to start, this guide will help you understand all the basics. 

Download our guide, Raising Rabbits for Meat and you’ll learn more about the following: 

+ Rabbit feed and feeding essentials 
+ Housing and equipment needed for raising rabbits 
+ How to breed rabbits 
+ How to butcher rabbits 
+ And so much more!

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