Weaning Pasture Piglets

When is the Best Time to Wean?

Weaning Pasture Piglets
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Jodi Cronauer – The time frame for weaning pasture piglets varies from breed to breed. Not all breeds of pasture pigs mature at the same rate. We have experience with both the Idaho Pasture pigs and the Kunekune pigs. Although both breeds are true grazing pigs, the piglets mature at much different rates. Our Kunekunes are a much slower pig to mature and the piglets are content to play for hours in the sun, but have no desire to really eat much other than their mother’s milk for weeks after they are born. Piglets born on pasture are able to get out and enjoy the sun very early in life. Whether your piglets start eating with their mother from day one or if they wait a couple of weeks, they have been outside watching her graze since a very early age. The

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