How to Make a Pig Waterer from PVC Pipe

Waterers for Pigs Don't Have to be Pretty, Just Practical

How to Make a Pig Waterer from PVC Pipe
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Filling your freezer with homegrown pork is one of the most gratifying experiences when it comes to homesteading. The initial cost of equipment when getting into pig farming, however, can get expensive and may limit your ability to add them to your homestead. So why not learn how to make a pig waterer of your own to save some money? Pigs are one of the easiest types of livestock to raise in my opinion. They don’t have the dietary complications and strict mineral ratios that other livestock such as ruminants have. When feeding a pig, if you’re providing a well-balanced diet, there isn’t much to worry about that could result in a vet call. And although they aren’t the garbage disposals people make them out to be, the list is relatively short on what not to feed. Pigs are hardy enough to withstand and even farrow in

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