Amazing Mangalitsa! Pigs for Sustainable Farming

A Hardy Pig Breed Ideal for Homesteading and Land Management

Amazing Mangalitsa! Pigs for Sustainable Farming
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes   Mangalitsa pigs are amazingly hardy, adaptable, disease-resistant, and tolerant of temperature extremes and humidity. They thrive in free-range systems, being excellent foragers and skillful mothers. They are the perfect workers for permaculture systems and nature reserves. And let’s not forget their mouth-watering pork and sublime fat that has wowed America’s restaurants. The rediscovery of this breed has reminded people how pork should taste, while providing the perfect pasture pig for homesteads, sustainable agriculture, and land conservation. An Adaptable and Hardy Pig Breed When I first met Mangalitsa pigs, I was amazed at how such wild-looking hogs could be so tame. Although raised in the woods by their mothers, piglets came to the hand of their breeder and followed us through the grounds. Sows built their nests in the bushes and took sole care of their young. Only later did their owner tame

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