How to Build A-Frame Pig Shelters

A Simple, Yet Efficient Pig Shelter Design

How to Build A-Frame Pig Shelters
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes By Jodi Cronauer – We have found that our A-frame pig shelters are the best protection for our pigs when raising pigs on pasture. Whether farrowing outdoors or just providing shelter to your adult pigs, some of the important things to consider are shape, space, dryness, and function. When farrowing outside, the most important concern is a warm, dry place to deliver the new little piglets. All piglets need shelter from the heat of summer and warmth and dryness from the inclement weather. This is why we love our A-frame pig shelters. They provide good coverage with an amazing amount of warmth in the winter, whereas in the summer, these same A-frame houses provide shade as well as a cool dry ground to lie on. We build our A-frame pig shelters out of two full sheets of 3⁄4-inch green-treated plywood for each side

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