Making Biodiesel: A Lengthy Process

How to Make Biodiesel at Home

Making Biodiesel: A Lengthy Process
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes When James began looking into the process of making biodiesel as opposed to buying petrodiesel (what we buy at the gas station), he was hoping for a cheaper alternative to the $4 per gallon that he was spending at the pump. While he did not find that cheaper alternative, biodiesel is much better for the environment. Just for that reason, he continues to make his own biodiesel. The chemical reaction of making biodiesel is actually very similar to soap making. You start with oil and add either potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide that has been mixed with methanol. In the end, you have biodiesel with glycerin as a byproduct. The oil you use can impact the consistency of the finished biodiesel product, such as animal fats like lard making a biodiesel that congeals at higher temperatures than biodiesel made with liquid oil, but

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