How to Make Lard from Pork Fat

Save Money by Rendering Lard at Home

How to Make Lard from Pork Fat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Leaning how to make lard is not only easy, but it saves money and is healthier for you than store-bought lard because you know where your pig fat came from. I went to the local butcher shop and told them I wanted 20 pounds of raw pig fat. I was quoted $0.47 per pound. The total cost was $9.40. Why did I want to buy raw pig fat? Cost 20 pounds of fat turned into 18 pounds of nice creamy white lard for $9.40. When you look at the price of store-bought lard, you can see it is a lot more expensive per pound. And if you want ORGANIC lard, it is A LOT more expensive. The price of vegetable shortening is expensive in comparison, no matter if you go with name brand for $2.84 per pound or generic for $1.52 per pound.

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